Dental tourism is a branch of health tourism. Many people around the world come to Serbia to repair their dental problems. It is a blend of a nice and useful-free holiday in the service of oral health! Our clinic has patients from all over the world for years. In the beginning, it was our people who live or work abroad and now there are as many foreigners as they find us through the internet, our site, receive recommendations from friends, etc. … We are proud that the enviable percentage of our patients comes from abroad and will be satisfied work that can be seen from the number of recommendations that are growing. Our clinic provides:

  • Free Transfer from / to the airport

During your stay in our city you can enjoy the walks and tours of Belgrade and we will tell you what you must not miss in our city!


As far as the price of labor is concerned, we are aware that our prices are much lower than all countries in Europe, not to talk about further destinations, but our policy is such that the same prices apply to all our patients. We invest the same effort and engagement, even our responsibility is much greater when a patient who crosses half the world comes to us, does not know our language, country and culture … But his trust – no price …

One thing is certain, you will save up to 80% of our arrival !!!


Communication via e-mail has proven to be the best choice in contact with our team. It is a practice to send a description of your problem, wishes, plans and questions in the mail. Within the mail, it is also necessary to send a digital orthopan record of both jaws in order to have a better insight into the analysis of anatomical structures, the condition of your teeth and bones. After a detailed analysis, our team will complete the treatment process and suggest all options (if any). We will explain to you the complete procedure, what interventions are needed, the duration and explanation of each intervention, how many visits are needed and what duration and, of course, the total cost of the entire treatment. In the event that two arrivals are required, we will only charge you the cost of the interventions that are made at the first arrival, while the rest is paid at the end of the work.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Euromedik

After the arrangement, arrival is scheduled according to your capabilities. The rest is on us, we will make sure that your stay in our city remains in the best memory, the dental intervention is completely painless and your new smile is our best advertisement!

For foreign citizens who have health insurance that covers dental interventions, we issue invoices for performed dental services for which they make a refund. We also issue medical reports to justify absenteeism.