In a quick and easy way to a smile from the TV screen, which everyone wants, with the technique of making dental facets. When this is possible, we will only change the outside surface of the teeth and bring the smile to perfection. The choice between two types: composite facets or ceramic facets, with a detailed case analysis and a careful selection of a dental team, you will receive a smile that you have long wanted.

Teeth whitening

The trend of teeth whitening has not bypassed Dental Corner Esthetics we do this in two ways; they are both painless and most importantly both are absolute safe and do not damage your teeth can you choose whether you will do it in the office itself with laser treatment or we will make you individual foils for your teeth (splints) and with gel and instructions, you can do the treatment when you want it.

Aesthetic seals

Replacement of worn-out seals, black (amalgams) and sealings with high-quality and high quality materials available on the market. The work is fast and painless and the result is a seal that perfectly imitates the color and shape of your teeth.
The choice between composite – white seals and computer – designed seals of ceramics – CAD-CAM.